Best SEO Tips of The Year11.24.15

Are you one of those webmasters who optimized their web page once and forgot to review it again? The only reason is that they are not well aware of the fact that search engine optimization tips keep on changing every year.

If you are not updating them on a regular interval then tat one point of time you might find your site listed at the last page of the search engine results. The best way to get yourself updated about the latest SEO tips is to use More →

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Create Your Own Website: Three Easy Steps!11.17.15

Developing and hosting your own webpage can look daunting at first, especially if you have never done it before. However, with a well selected template, proper knowledge of how to insert the information you need into your templates, and a good hosting service, you'll have your website up and running in no time! Below are three EASY steps to creating a successful website!
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A Great Tool For Building Back-Links11.10.15

We all know how hard it is to come back backlinks to our web sites, now that the web is a hugely-crowded space and spam is clogging half the pipes. So you've got the option of buying links (if you want to take the risk), directory submissions (limited effectiveness) and article publishing (time-intensive).

One of the best remaining options is commenting on do-follow blogs. Again, this can be utilized for spam by junk comments…but most do-follow bloggers are forced to manually approve their comments…and it won't be approved anyway. So…why not take 5 minutes to read the blog post and contribute something of value (an opinion, an insight or a personal experience)? The blogger will appreciate (and approve) your contribution, and you'll benefit from the backlink to your site.

But…how do you find these magical do-follow blogs? There are TONS of lists out there on various blogs and sites…but most are woefully out of date.

The best one we've found is a new directory, called The Rise Above Directory. Hundreds of blogs, confirmed as do-follow, categorized for your convenience…even ranked by Google PR. However, don't fall into the trap of just commenting on high-PR blogs. That's the kind of tactic that appeals to link-sellers…which isn't a very good long-term investment in the first place. Instead, find a good blog and support it with a comment or two. It's PR will rise in time and you'll benefit as well. Plus, the lower-PR posts are less likely to have comments…i.e., fewer links to erode whatever link juice is available.

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Super Tips To Start Your eBay Business11.03.15

Dan and Christine Millar were looking to start their lives
over. Dan had just been in a plane crash that had left
him with a serious head injury, and he was forced to quit
his office job.

So they decided to give eBay a try. And in their first 8
months, they generated more than $100,000 in sales!

Was their success due to pure luck, or some kind of "fluke"?

Not at all!

Dan and Christine used Derek Gehl's proven eBay success
system — the exact step-by-step system Derek's elite team
of expert eBay PowerSellers have been using to teach their
students to build their own successful eBay businesses.

(Many of their students start making an extra $1,000 to
$10,000 a month, within a matter of WEEKS!)

Now, for a limited time, you can test-drive this proven eBay
profit system for a full 30 days — for just 99 cents!

So if you're keen to learn how you can use eBay to start making
an extra $12,000 to $120,000 a year in just weeks — then I
suggest you visit:

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The Meta Tag Generator Tool10.26.15

This is an effective SEO tool which can help you add the Meta tags to your site. These Meta tags hold a lot of importance in optimizing the web pages. The Meta tags turn the site into a more visible one to the search engines. Whenever you submit the site many of the popular search engines prefer to go through the meta tags to find out whether the site is useful for their visitors or not. When you are up to create the Meta tags this tool will help you out with a form which you need to fill and submit to get the Meta tags generated for you.

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3 Duplicate Content Myths10.19.15

Myth 1: Web Content Theft & Other Internet Copyright/Trademark Violations Are Hard to Pursue

Actually, for written web content, search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo! make internet copyright violations easy to resolve than printed content.

It's pretty easy to shut down a content thief of copyright violator and there is no need to waste money for an attorney. You can just file a DMCA Complaint. Usually after filing a complaint, you will get a response within 48-72 hours.

Myth 2: Search Engines Will Penalize Sites with Duplicate Content

Actually, major search engines will not impose a duplicate content penalty to sites with duplicated content. But you WILL be penalized if you have duplicate content in the same site/domain. If a shared content were to be penalized for being a duplicate content, then distributing shared content to other websites would not be a very popular marketing technique.

Myth 3: Content Theft May Destroy Your Site's Value to Visitors

No it wont. Content Theft will not completely destroy your site, it will just erode the links of trusts. The world wide web is just so huge that even if your content does get duplicated to hundreds of other sites, it does not mean that people will find that your site is not original and not worth visiting again.

In conclusion, web based content theft is bad but it will not destroy the value of the web.

**September 12th 2007 UPDATE!
Google, duplicate content caused by URL parameters, and you

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SEOmoz Expert Training Coming Soon10.12.15

If you happen to be on a holiday or business trip in Seattle this coming August, it pays to stay for SEOmoz's Expert Training seminar this 19 and 20 August 2008. The seminar will touch upon key SEO topics such as search marketing and web optimization techniques. More →

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Yahoo! Buzz Overpowers Digg?10.05.15

There are several reports over the Internet that Yahoo! Buzz is taking precedence over Digg. This popular service functions like Digg except that it is powered by one of the most famous content entity on the World Wide Web. More →

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Making Google Apt For Geo-Targeting09.28.15

The search engines of Google in different countries produce different results. If you reside in US then you will get results generated by and will be different from results generated by the google in Germany or UK. If you want the same results on your Google search engine irrespective of the country that you reside in or are connecting with you need to follow some tips.
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