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Directories – Known SEO Circles

Most directories are not of amazingly high quality, listing many lousy websites. Martinibuster, a link building guru, often emphasizes avoiding being heavily located in known SEO circles.

For example, common SEO strategies for a new site might be to list a site in a bunch of directories, write a press release or two, trade links with many low-quality sites, get a few links from signature files from SEO forums, and submit a few articles to various article banks.

If your link profile matches that of most SEO websites, then it may be harder to rank than if you can come up with creative ways to get links from places that few other SEOs are listed.

Originally posted 2007-02-24 03:05:51.

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SEO Keyword/Phrase Development04.19.15

I have been building websites for nearly a decade and promoting them professionally for 5 as well. Ever since I can remember we have referred to it as Keywords. Keywords research, keyword density, meta-keywords"¦ totally pervasive. Much of the last few years or so I really started to move away from the tight association using that term seems to invoke. More often than not you will be looking at 'phrasings' more than actual keywords.

The average end user (surfer/searcher) is evolving and becoming more Search Savvy in how they seek things out. You will see a lot of search referrers (search terms used to find a given site) with wild and varied search terms. It is rarely a 'dead hit' on the terms you're targeting. Some certainly are, but there is a vast amount of unique phrase searching going on. Learning to look at 'organic' phrasings and 'long tail' terms is important in your keyword/phrase research and development. It's more than just 'keywords' these days.
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Originally posted 2007-02-24 03:05:51.

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Google Adsense Video Ads – A Bad Idea?04.12.15

I know it's a little late for me to post about this but better late than never ;)

If you a new AdSense Publisher you may not know that on May 23rd 2006, Inside AdSense introduced a new kind of ads called Video Ads. In my honest opinion, at that time, it's a bad idea it still is now. More →

Originally posted 2007-06-04 01:31:00.

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How do I Submit My Site to Google?04.05.15

While Google also offers a free site submit option, the best way to submit your site is by having Google's spider follow links from other web pages.

Google offers a Google Sitemaps program that you can use to help Google set crawl priorities. In addition to helping Google index your site, the Sitemaps program also shows you if they have any crawling problems with your site.

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Improve Your Sites Conversion Rate!03.29.15

Good website usability can greatly improve the conversion rate of your website. If your website gets many visitors but only a few sales then it might be that your web pages are too cluttered and that you have to improve your website design.

Google has a similar patent application with the name "Detecting and rejecting annoying documents" so it seems that good website design becomes more and more important if you want to get high search engine rankings.

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Building Content for SEO03.22.15

Same Old Stuff

Creating an extremely useful web-based tool, or paying a programmer to create one for you, is one of the most effective ways to build content which will, in turn, help you build natural linkage data. Writing articles will also help you build up your link popularity.

Many web sites blindly add large sums of free content to their site because they think it will help them for low cost. The problems with adding exact copies of low quality articles are the following:

  1. Since the articles exist elsewhere, yours probably will not rank as well as one of the other copies on the web.
  2. Low quality content reflects poorly on you and wastes your link equity that could be going toward getting unique content pages ranked.
  3. Many people add unfocused garbage to their site which loses the interest of their visitors.
  4. Some unscrupulous parties copy the contents of other web sites without asking. Tools such as CopyScape make this easy to detect, although legal enforcement is cost prohibitive and too time consuming for most publishers.
  5. Many tools scrape various RSS feeds and mix them to create many content pages. Content generation tools such as these will require search engines to place even greater trust on linkage data.

Some people also clutter up the Internet with search result screen scrapers and other auto content generation crap. SEO Experts are generally against generating low quality automated content as they feel it lowers the quality and functionality of the web as a whole, though it seems that some people may find it effective for generating traffic, at least until their sites get banned. More →

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Create Your Own Website: Three Easy Steps!03.15.15

Developing and hosting your own webpage can look daunting at first, especially if you have never done it before. However, with a well selected template, proper knowledge of how to insert the information you need into your templates, and a good hosting service, you'll have your website up and running in no time! Below are three EASY steps to creating a successful website!
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The Benefit of Ghost Bloggers03.08.15

Like it or not, ghost bloggers are actually very important to the blog's survival. However, not all blogs need a ghost blogger. Believe it or not, blogging can sometimes be a burden as time goes by.

Ghosts bloggers can either do a blog post with your name or they can post as a guest blogger. Simply said, ghost bloggers can do all the blogging for you. Sometimes when bloggers go on vacation to some island where there is no internet connection and they can still keep the blog active with rich content with the help of ghost bloggers. You are happy and you're readers or subscriber are happy.

Here's a video by SwapW explaining the importance of ghost bloggers:
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Yahoo! Robots-Nocontent03.01.15

Yahoo! supports a robots-nocontent attribute, which you can wrap around the unimportant parts of a page to tell Yahoo! to ignore it. The code could be applied like so:

<p class="robots-nocontent"> This is a boilerplate legal disclaimer required on each page of the site</p>

I wouldn't recommend using the robots-nocontent attribute on site navigation as well structured local navigation tends to be rather rich in keywords that help support the current document. Rather than using robots-nocontent I would be more inclined to add more original useful content to the page and limit boilerplate code as best you can.

Yahoo! offers tips on using the robots-nocontent attribute here: http://www.ysearchblog.com/archives/000444.html

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Man Claims To Be Father of SEO02.22.15

For those who are no strangers in the world of SEO will know that Jason Gambert is an individual who have continuously tried to trademark the term "SEO". He has apparently been bombarded with angry emails and is the subject of debate all over the World Wide Web.
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