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The Tool for Keyword Suggestions

This is very important to select the right keywords for a particular website so that it gets noticed by the search engines and this is the sole aim of SEO. This tool will help you to know more about the most relevant keywords which are directly related to the content featured in your website. You just need to enter a key term and it will consult with the other Google searchers so that you get to know the most popular terms that are often used by the visitors and also related to the content. Try this effective SEO tool to get better web traffic.

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"Alexa Rank Comparison" Tool10.19.14

The Alexa page ranking bar is used by many websites. This aids in calculating the web traffic that actually visits any particular site everyday. Alexa calculates the page rank of a page using the aggregated traffic results for three months. This not only depends on the number of the visitors but also considers the number of users. The current rank of the website is also compared with that of three months ago. This tool comes with a form which you need to sill up. Once this is done completely it will show the graph which depicts the ranking of your website.

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Google's Various Data Centers10.12.14

Google uses groups of data centers to process their search queries. When Google updates algorithms or their refreshes their index, the changes roll from one data center to the next. When results rapidly change back and forth, sometimes they are tweaking algorithms, but more frequently you are getting search results from different data centers. You can use the free Firefox ShowIP extension to find the IP address of the data center of your search query.

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Presenting, Yahoo's New Rival: YouTube!10.05.14

Recently in July 2008 it was reported that Google was top of the list in terms of total web searched that occurred in the previous month of June at an amazing but not surprising amount of 61.5%. A little lower down, Yahoo! ranked second with More →

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New Yahoo! Patent09.28.14

Yahoo! filed a patent application on May 12, 2005 for using My Yahoo! data to help improve search relevancy. Bill Slawski links to the patent and reviews it at:

The major search engines are working hard to get a large enough collection of user data to be able to use it to augment link analysis in determining search relevancy.

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Quality Content = Good SEO!09.20.14

Lots of people will tell you to create lots of quality content without ever giving a legitimate definition of what quality content is. The web is a big social network, and the trick is to get your messages to spread further and faster than your competitors. Usually, creating more pages does not do this as well as creating a
better idea.

The Web was designed to save people time or give away useful information. The closer you can align a portion of your business model or website with those concepts, the better chance you have at achieving extreme success.

While many SEOs hold back their secrets so they can profit from them, I give this e-book free to charities and post most of what I learn to my blog. I not only help people, but my syndicated network grows. I have been found by prospective customers from word-of-mouth in forums I have never heard of. One day I got a thank you e-mail from a person from a religious forum and about ten minutes later got a thank you from a person from a pornography forum.
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Linking Through Blogging09.13.14

When you approach any blogger for links make sure you write a short email which is easy to understand and be direct about what you want. Approach bloggers only if you feel your content is unusual and worthy of attention. Do not get into the hassle of trading links. Do not harass them with continuous emails requesting for the links. Pestering them will spoil your chances of getting links from them.
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Directory Warnings09.06.14

Some sites that pose as directories do not provide static text links and/or their pages do not get indexed. Many of these databases will never provide any direct traffic or link popularity. Additionally, many directories require reciprocal linking and use their sites to promote aggressive high-margin products. If you link into sites that primarily promote off-topic high-margin items, then you are sharing the business risk that site owner is taking.

If you choose to spend money on directory submission, you should ensure that the directory provides direct traffic or link popularity. You can do this by checking to make sure their directory pages have some PageRank on them and are in Google's cache. Search Google for "cache:www.directory.com/page.php," and check the links of listed sites. When you scroll over a link in the directory, the status bar at the bottom should indicate the domain that the link is pointing to and not some sort of redirect. You also can right click on the link to copy link location and then paste that to the address bar.
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Does Google Have The Wrong SiteLinks or No Links To Your Website?08.30.14

Sitelinks are the extra links that is found below the URL and description of your web page. Google chooses these sitelinks for your website which sometimes goes a little awry and links you to wrong website. If you discover that there are no sitelinks then you can follow a few simple steps. If you have a site which is totally made in flash then use text links that are standard and which can be parsed by the search engines.
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The "Class C Checker" Tool08.23.14

This is an exceptional tool that can prove to be of extreme help for those who are looking forward to optimizing the web pages correctly. This is a tool which lets you know whether few sites are being hosted in the similar type of IP range of Class C or not. This tool will come really handy if you own a number of sites which are cross linked. If this is the case then this is a great idea to host them on the IP range of Class C. Moreover if you are looking forward to adding some links on your site then this is good to know whether they are also using the same Class C IP and this can be known with the help of this tool.

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