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Topic-Sensitive PageRank (TSPR)

Topic-Sensitive PageRank biases both the query and the relevancy of returned documents based upon the perceived topical context of the query. The query context can be determined based on search history, user-defined input (such as search personalization—try Google Labs Search Personalization if you are interested) or related information in the document from which the query came (if people searched Google from a site search box, for example).

Topic-Sensitive PageRank for each page can be calculated offline. Using an exceptionally coarse topic set (for example, the top level Open Directory Project categories) still allows Topic-Sensitive PageRank to significantly enhance relevancy over using PageRank alone; however, TSPR can be applied more specifically as well.

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Best SEO Tips of The Year01.25.15

Are you one of those webmasters who optimized their web page once and forgot to review it again? The only reason is that they are not well aware of the fact that search engine optimization tips keep on changing every year.

If you are not updating them on a regular interval then tat one point of time you might find your site listed at the last page of the search engine results. The best way to get yourself updated about the latest SEO tips is to use More →

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Exchanging Links01.18.15

Opportunity Cost

Over the last year, Google has gotten much better at detecting link exchanges and giving them no weight or negative weight. Typically for most savvy webmasters, the time wasted on a lavish link exchange program would be better spent creating useful, original, link-worthy content.

Trading links with a couple exceptionally relevant related resources might be a good idea, but don't waste your time trading dozens or hundreds of links.

Does it Work?

Not as well as it once did. Many people who created SEO software, or information products that sold themselves as experts, found that their Google rankings tanked hard core because link exchanges are not all they were once cracked up to be. More →

Originally posted 2007-01-21 22:59:17.

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A Great Tool For Building Back-Links01.11.15

We all know how hard it is to come back backlinks to our web sites, now that the web is a hugely-crowded space and spam is clogging half the pipes. So you've got the option of buying links (if you want to take the risk), directory submissions (limited effectiveness) and article publishing (time-intensive).

One of the best remaining options is commenting on do-follow blogs. Again, this can be utilized for spam by junk comments…but most do-follow bloggers are forced to manually approve their comments…and it won't be approved anyway. So…why not take 5 minutes to read the blog post and contribute something of value (an opinion, an insight or a personal experience)? The blogger will appreciate (and approve) your contribution, and you'll benefit from the backlink to your site.

But…how do you find these magical do-follow blogs? There are TONS of lists out there on various blogs and sites…but most are woefully out of date.

The best one we've found is a new directory, called The Rise Above Directory. Hundreds of blogs, confirmed as do-follow, categorized for your convenience…even ranked by Google PR. However, don't fall into the trap of just commenting on high-PR blogs. That's the kind of tactic that appeals to link-sellers…which isn't a very good long-term investment in the first place. Instead, find a good blog and support it with a comment or two. It's PR will rise in time and you'll benefit as well. Plus, the lower-PR posts are less likely to have comments…i.e., fewer links to erode whatever link juice is available.

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Some Link Building Ideas01.04.15

Friendly Links
One of the nice things about being a well known blogger and knowing a lot of bloggers well is that no matter what you are promoting some of your friends have probably covered the topic or similar topics in the past. Asking friends for links from related posts is a good way to get a couple extra links if you need them.

Leading vs Following
Some of the most successful entrepreneurs not only get many links from within their community, but they also lead new ideas (instead of just following competitors) to create strategic content and get links from outside their traditional communities.

Easy Community Link Ideas
I am not suggesting that everyone should go around spamming all of these sites, but it does not take a lot of effort to put up a blog on a community site, write a half dozen decent posts, and tag them with popular relevant tags to drive link equity from the community hub sites to your blog on their site and on through to your personal websites.

  • eBay offers member blogs
  • Fast Company recently started hosting member blogs on their beta site
  • Intuit offers their JumpUp community
  • and of course older traditional community blog hosting sites like WordPress.com also work.

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The "Page Size Look-up" Tool12.28.14

This is a tool that aids in assessing the page size of a particular web page. Now generally this is defined by the number of elements as well as the sizes of the files which are placed on the web page. The HTML files are also included in calculating the size. The embedded objects like the image files which contain the images in formats like GIF or JPEG are included in this. The pages with smaller HTML size are easy to get away even when the size is substantially large. This tool is used to find out what is the exact page size with the HTML contents.

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What Should You Look For In An SEO Firm?12.21.14

Search engine optimization is one the most important part of promoting a website. There are quite a number of individuals and companies who offer search engine optimization services at a reasonable rate. But not all of them are that skilled as they claim to be.
More →

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What is Yahoo! Search?12.14.14

The Yahoo! Directory and Yahoo! Search are two entirely separate things. The directory is a manually reviewed collection of websites. Yahoo! Search is powered through various search technologies purchased by Yahoo!

Yahoo! Search probably serves over 100 million searches each day. The directory would likely be lucky to serve more than a million searches a day.

Yahoo! Search is powered through a rewrite and combination of different pieces of what was once AltaVista, AllTheWeb, and Inktomi.

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Introduction to SEO12.07.14

Search algorithms are still in their infancy. Many people will still be able to run successful businesses doing nothing but SEO for at least a few years to come.

As you learn more about the value of SEO, and how it integrates into the web, you should be able to increase your income or social reach significantly. Only by pairing SEO with other marketing methods or viewing the web through a larger lense will you be able to fully appreciate the value of SEO.

There are many other algorithms and ideas driving search, but at the end of the day the end goal of all the algorithms is to favor useful content so the results are relevant, which allows the engines to make more money serving ads

Content has many meanings though, and there are different ways to make content useful to different people. SeoTier.com will do its best to give a guide on what you should do to promote your site and how to spark your creativity to help you think of ways to gain strong advantages over your competition.

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Work At Home with Gobala Krishnan!11.30.14

Making a living online ain't always easy without a proper person to guide you. More and more people these days realize that making money money online can be much more profitable and the best thing is that working online doesn't require someone to work so hard. The first few weeks or months might be a little complicated and tiring but once you get to know the corners of online business you can make money while spending less time on the PC and spending more time with your family and friends.

Want to now how to Work At Home and make profit? Well, GobalaKrishnan.com is an excellent site which offers in-depth tips on Online Business. The blog is regularly updated with the latest news that you should and need to know to succeed online. So if you're serious in making money online, I highly recommend you learn from Gobala Krishnan.

P.S. Review Gobala Krishnan's site and get linked!

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