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Predicting Google AdSense Revenue with AdSenseMeter04.30.10

While browsing through LiewCF's blog, I saw this interesting post about an interesting web tool called AdSenseMeter which claims to have the ability to predict Google AdSense Revenue of any site based on traffic statistics provided by Alexa.

AdSenseMeter -

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Google Adsense Alternative by SwapW04.29.10

I was just surfing through the net yesterday and I found an interesting video by SwapW.


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Getting The Best Results from AdSense02.24.07

In this post I want to share with you some extra tips for getting the best results from your Adsense endeavors.

1) When you are running an AdSense campaign, it is important to make sure that you are testing all of the different possibilities to make sure that you are getting the highest click through rate. Try to test different layouts on different pages to see what works the best. To achieve proper result from your test it is important to use pages that receive similar amounts of traffic.

2) Although testing is necessity, there are certain areas for your ads that are thought to be more likely to encourage a higher CTR's than others. For instance, above the page footer, below the header or navigation bar or on the top left hand side of your page are thought to be very good. Typically the area in the middle above the main content is thought to be best.

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Gain Extra Revenue with AdSense for Search02.20.07

Let's talk about incorporating Google Search on your pages for extra revenue. The Adsense for Search program is a great way of increasing your website revenue while helping your customers search your site at the same time.

Tell me….

Have you ever been to a website and seen a Google search box on it?

Did you know that every time you type in a search from someone else's site and then click on one of the results that are returned the website owner is getting paid by Google? Think about that for a minute. By using Adsense for Search you can actually get paid for giving people exactly what they are looking for!

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AdSense Ad Placement Tips02.19.07

In this lesson we will go over the layout for your pages and why they are a key part of your Adsense earnings.

With Adsense you can place up to 3 ad blocks on your web page. You will find different theories on whether or not it is most effective to have your ads blend in with or stand out from the content on your page. While some would say they have better results when the ads stand out, in my opinion it is best to try and make them blend in with the rest of the site as much as possible so that your visitors will see them as content rather than advertisements.

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Introduction To Adsense02.17.07

Just in case you are new to Adsense we will briefly go over some of it's finer points. Adsense delivers relevant text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site content. Every time someone sees an ad on your site and clicks on it you will make money. Sometimes it's only a few cents. Sometimes it's a few dollars. It all depends on the individual ad.

Adsense is considered a very powerful tool to many website owners. If you go to most any website these days you will see Adsense ad blocks incorporated somewhere on the page. Did you know that there are many people that make a full time living from Adsense alone?

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SEO Meta Tags Guide12.01.06

When people refer to meta tags, they are talking about the meta description and meta keyword tags. Some search engines may display the meta description as part of the search results, but the meta keywords tags generally does not appear in search results. (more…)

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