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What Pages of My Site are Indexed by Yahoo!?02.07.12

One of the ways of making sure that your search engine optimization is getting results is by checking whether your sites pages are actually indexed by major search engines such as Yahoo!.

You can check to see what pages of your site are indexed by searching Yahoo! for "". While Yahoo! also offers a free site submit option (you must be logged in to use it), the best way to submit your site is by having Yahoo!'s spider follow links from other web pages.

Usually, it takes about 1 week for new sites to get noticed and indexed by major search engines and you should always check your indexed pages frequently. Search engines algorithm changes frequently and you have to stay on top of it 😉

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New Yahoo! Automated Algorithm Gets Busy01.03.12

There are many individuals who cannot comprehend who or what selects the top stories for their front page. And now with the recent announcement that Yahoo! is employing automated algorithms that operate in real time, we know how stories are picked. (more…)

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NEW Anchor Text Patent for Yahoo!04.27.10

Yahoo! was awarded yet another patent and this time it is for coming up with a technique that will elaborate how text links usage is vital in raising relevancy of a certain webpage. Six years after filing the patent in 2002, Yahoo! is now owner of that particular method after they bought over the now extinct Altavista. (more…)

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Comparing Search Results04.23.10

Since different search engines weigh different parts of their algorithms differently, they can all have similar relevancy while having significantly different search results.

Some people are quick to ask how their sites are being penalized in one search engine because they rank well in others. While many sites do get penalized for aggressive spamming techniques, most sites that do not rank well usually just fail to satisfy the specific ranking algorithm for that specific engine in question.

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Yahoo! Mindset03.23.10

Some searches are commercial in nature, and some are informational in nature. Major search engines have the ability to distinguish which search queries are more likely to be commercial and which search queries are more likely to be informational.

Search engines can also classify whether they think a particular result is commercial or informational in nature. In the search results, search engines like to show a mix of result types so that they have a greater chance of solving the searchers needs. Yahoo! Mindset is a beta test tool that allows Yahoo! searchers to bias the results toward commercial or informational type resources.

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The Problems With Yahoo!'s Technology06.17.08

Since Yahoo! actively edits their search results, they will be forced to edit them over and over.

After they remove a site for spam, it is very easy for someone to duplicate that site (and maybe even use a slightly altered version) at another location.

Yahoo! could also use a bit of coaching on determining the difference between editorial votes and spammy links. Some of my clients outrank their own manufacturers for their manufacturer's brand name in Yahoo!. That is just flat out bad relevancy to make it that easy to manipulate.

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How to do Well in Yahoo! – PART 106.13.08

Yahoo! usually lists a site within about a month. The best way to get your site submitted is by building a strong linking campaign. If you need to get your site indexed quickly, Yahoo! does have two paid inclusion programs. Search Submit Pro is recommended for large databases that are hard to crawl, sites with rapidly rotating inventory, event sites on a tight deadline, or sites that need the tracking provided by the program.

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Yahoo! Answers06.13.08

Yahoo! created a free question-answering service and includes many of these questions and answers in their search results.

The idea of integrating Yahoo! user questions and answers directly into the search results shows how much Yahoo! wants to keep their users on the domain and how much Yahoo! wants to be the most important content site on the web. Compare that strategy to Google who wants to send away visitors as quickly as possible and hope they come back.

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Where do I Rank for My Keyword in Yahoo!?06.12.08

Looking for an easy and efficent keyword ranking tracker? I found one :)Shawn Hogan's Digital Point keyword ranking tracker allows webmasters to track their Google, Yahoo!, and MSN rankings for free, although it will require you to place a php page on your server.

You can also look for other Yahoo! SEO Tools at the Yahoo! Developer Network.

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